All About Pet Health
Keep your furry family member feeling great, from his ears to his paws. Find out about the most common pet health issues and see how you can solve them with simple, vet-quality care, at home.
Learn about flea and tick allergies and your pet
Allergies and Your Pet

Just like with humans, our four-legged friends can have serious reactions to a wide range of allergens in their food and environment.

Learn how to identify the different tick types
What Kind of Tick Is It?

There are four major species of ticks. The important thing to know is that ticks live all over the country, so wherever you are, ticks are there, too.

Learn how to remove ticks from your dog and cat
How to Remove a Tick

If you find a tick attached to your skin or your pet's skin, there's no need to panic. There are several tick removal devices on the market; here’s our favorite.

Simple tips to help you check your pet for ticks.
Tick Check Tricks and Tips

Many ticks are as small as a pinhead, so they’re difficult to see. Here is the best way to find them.

You can protect your home and pets from fleas.
How to Be Flea Free

Fleas are intruders that can hitch a free ride into your home on your four-legged best friend—or even on you. Here we’ll give you insider tips on how to kick fleas to the curb for good.

Does your dog have fleas?
How to Find Fleas Fast

Simple-to-follow instructions you can use at home to find out if your dog or cat has fleas. Remember, check regularly.

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