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5 Reasons You Need To Protect Your Pet From Pests This Fall

As autumn sets in with its crisp air and changing leaves, pet owners and nature enthusiasts alike need to remain vigilant. While the season offers its own unique beauty, it also comes with the increased risk of flea and tick infestations, making prevention all the more important. Don’t be fooled by the sweater weather, your pet still needs to keep up on their routine flea and tick prevention. Here’s why you need to continue safeguarding your pet against fleas and ticks into the fall season.

  1. Persistent Fleas and Ticks: The common belief that fleas and ticks vanish with the summer heat is a misconception. In reality, many tick species become more active in the fall, searching for their final blood meals before winter arrives. Some ticks can endure freezing temperatures by taking refuge under leaf litter or snow. While fleas can also continue to pose a threat indoors throughout the autumn season. Be sure to treat your pet, home, and yard to avoid a full infestation around your home spaces.
  1. Indoor Threat: As the weather cools, pets tend to spend more time indoors. If your pet unwittingly carries fleas or ticks inside, your home can become infested, leading to a persistent problem that is challenging to eradicate once established.
  1. Ideal Conditions: Fall's moderate temperatures and increased moisture, provide an ideal environment for fleas and ticks to thrive. These parasites flourish in tall grass, wooded areas, and leaf piles – precisely the places where pets often explore.
  1. Threat of Diseases: Fleas and ticks don't just cause discomfort; they can also transmit serious diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. What makes matters worse is that symptoms of these diseases may not appear until weeks or months after a bite, underlining the importance of being proactive in their preventive measures.
  1. Prevention is Protection: Prevention is invariably more effective and less stressful than dealing with a full-blown infestation or addressing health issues related to flea or tick bites. Consistent preventive measures grant you peace of mind, allowing you to cherish time with your pet without running the risk of infestation or potential diseases. 

Fall is a beautiful season of transition, but it is also a time when fleas and ticks remain active and pose substantial risks to your pet's health. By being informed and proactive, you can ensure your pet enjoys a safe and comfortable autumn season. Taking regular preventive measures with topical solutions like PetArmor®and being continuously vigilant is vital in safeguarding your companion. As you embrace the fall, remember that protecting your pet from fleas and ticks is an act of love and responsibility that ensures a fun and safe season!