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How To Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month

It means that all month long, we’re exploring ways to help pets enjoy a long, healthy life by practicing routine wellness.

A good lifestyle starts with smart choices, including quality food, exercise, and preventive care. Veterinarians play a big part in providing information about vaccinations and preventive treatments like heartworm medication.

Here are some ways you can help your pet observe National Pet Wellness Month:

  1. Start your pets off right by making sure they are up-to-date on all their vaccinations. If you have puppies or kittens, be sure to complete all of their shot sequences to ensure their immunity to life-threatening diseases later.
  2. Next, make sure your pets are treated with the proper pest treatments for your area, like fleas, ticks or heartworms. PetArmor® offers affordable, preventive, topical solutions against fleas and ticks to keep your pet protected. It’s available over the counter without a prescription, so there’s no reason to skip out on their preventive routine.
  1. Remember to take your pets in for their annual vet visit! Have your veterinarian check for current health issues and track their health as they grow. Being proactive with annual vet visits can improve their wellness over time as visits could detect any health issues and can further save you money on overall veterinary costs by treating problems before they evolve.
  2. Healthy nutrition. Most commercial pet foods are formulated to provide a balanced diet for your pet’s life stage. Check with your veterinarian for food suggestions and serving sizes.
  3. Dental care! Poor dental hygiene can not only lead to dental infections and tooth loss, but also to blood disorders, systemic infections, kidney failure, and death.
  4. Like with puppies and kittens, senior pets need special care. They may need more water and higher-quality proteins in their diets. Regular wellness visits will address what is specifically best for your senior pet and how you can help them.

The idea of pet wellness is to keep your pets in tail-wagging shape for as long as possible.

Happy Wellness!