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Cat-Proof Your Home In 4 Easy Steps

Whether you’re a new owner, thinking about adopting, or have had cats for a long time, it’s always a good idea to make sure your home is cat-proof. Not only will you protect your possessions from curious cats, but you’ll keep your fluffy friends safe.

Beware that Pretty Plant.

There are some plants that are toxic to animals. Skip those Lilies at Easter and the Poinsettias at Christmas because both can cause sickness when ingested by kitties.

Instead, purchase a cat-friendly plant like cat grass for your feline to snack on. Cat-friendly grasses, like wheat or barley grasses, are good for digestion and provide nutrients.  Plus, plants that specifically attract cats may keep them from chowing down on your plants you’d rather not see teeth marks in.

Protect From Open Flame.

If your curious cat wanders near a candle, fireplace, or gas burner, it could get scorched. You’ll want to keep an eye on candles and burners to protect the kitten from burning fur or whiskers. Install a secure fire screen to keep the cat away from a fire inside of a fireplace.

Put Away Dangerous Ingestibles.

Cats are kind of like toddlers and will put anything in their mouths. Safely store any medication, like aspirin or prescription pills, that your kitten may consider eating. Use animal-friendly household cleaners or follow directions to keep cats away until safe.

If you’ve been shoe shopping lately, you’ll want to throw away the Silica Gel packets that you usually find in a shoe box. While not poisonous, the small granules are a choking hazard for animals. 

Even plastic wrappings can be an attractive object to cats. There are some felines that enjoy the texture of plastic bags, wrappers, or tape. You’ll want to throw away or store these items ASAP because they can be a choking hazard or cause intestinal damage if swallowed.

Don’t Be Silly About Strings.

Whether it’s a cord on window blinds or the cords on your TV, your cat might confuse dangerous “strings” as toys. Tie cords on blinds way up high so cats are unable to reach them.

For power cords, you can get creative and run the cords through a hollow PVC pipe, cord cover, or empty paper towel roll. You could also cover the cords with strong tape or hide them under a rug.

You don’t want Fluffy to chew on cords that could electrocute or choke her!

Following these simple cat-proofing steps will make your home a better place for your kitty to live. If you have a question about a plant or product and if it may be dangerous for an animal, do some research to determine whether or not it's safe to bring inside your home. The best thing you can give your pet is a loving, safe home.