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Eliminate Fleas & Ticks In 3 Easy Steps

So, you’ve treated your pet with a monthly flea & tick topical solution, but you’re still seeing fleas latched on them. How can that be?!

Well, if your pet continues to experience discomfort from fleas and ticks, the chances are that it’s not that the topical solution didn’t work, but more so that fleas are latching on to your pet by hiding amongst your carpets, bedding, and lurking in your outdoor yard spaces.

Flea & tick protection doesn’t begin and end with a one-time solution. Pet protection is something you as a pet owner should practice with your pet regularly. From killing fleas and ticks on your pet to fighting off pests in and around your home, there are many ways pet parents can avoid a flea and tick invasion.

Pesky fleas & ticks stay hidden in and around your home in places where they’re difficult to find. Which means you have to not only treat your pet, but also the yard and house to make sure you get them all. If you are only treating your pet, you risk leaving the majority of the fleas and ticks in your home and yard to linger about you and your pet’s space.

But where, oh where could you find solutions for your pet, home, and yard all in one spot?

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Luckily for you, PetArmor® has all three solutions available in-store and online. Helping pet parents kill and prevent fleas and ticks from invading their homes is what PetArmor® does best. PetArmor® provides pet parents with affordable flea and tick solutions to fight off pests fast, such as pet, home, and yard products.

To make sure that you clear out the flea infestation and ensure that fleas are no longer an unwanted guest in or around your home, follow this easy 3-step program:

  1. To Treat Your Pet: Fight off fleas & ticks for up to 30 days with PetArmor® Flea & Tick Topical for Dogs or PetArmor® Flea & Tick Topical for Cats. An easy-to-use topical applicator, the PetArmor® Flea & Tick Topicals provide your pet with quality, waterproof protection without the vet visit.
  2. To Treat Your Home: To kill fleas, ticks, flea eggs, & larvae hiding in bedding, carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture, use PetArmor® Home Household Spray 24oz for up to 7 months of pest control. For added carpet protection, try PetArmor® Home Carpet Powder, 16oz to disrupt the flea cycle in within 24 hours. Shake over the affected carpet area and let it remain for at least 1 hour before lightly vacuuming up the powder.
  3. To Treat your Yard: PetArmor® Home Yard & Premise Spray, 32oz kills fleas, ticks and helps control other outdoor pests for up to 6 weeks of protection. Fight off disease carrying pests like mosquitoes carrying heartworm disease, by spraying this product around your home yard and premise. Get up to 2,6667 square feet of protection to help prevent pests from invading your home’s indoor spaces.
If you're missing one of these steps in your flea & tick routine, you may be missing a vital link in flea and tick control. Arm your pet on all fronts and help your pet and home stay safe from fleas and ticks by properly treating your pet, home, and yard with these 3 easy solutions.