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How To Tackle a Flea Infestation

Sometimes flea populations have a way of exploding right before your eyes. You see one or two fleas and all the a sudden, your pets are itching everywhere and you feel like there are hundreds of fleas that came out of nowhere!

The good news is they didn't just come from anywhere. The bad news is they probably came from eggs and larvae within your home!

Did you know that one flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day?  Depending on if the surrounding conditions are the proper temperature and humidity levels, the eggs can begin to mature in as little as one to two weeks. Often times pet parents turn to a topical treatment that will take care of immediate problems.

But what happens if you have a serious infestation that overwhelms the topical product? Or what if it doesn't address all the eggs and larvae that are maturing on your pet but instead on couches, in their beds, and in the carpet?

Beyond The Topical Solutions

In addition to appropriate topical treatments and outside environmental treatments, one of the things that you can do is vacuuming. Vacuuming every other day to every week can really help get rid of the flea problem. Using a flea and tick spray to treat the area, followed by vacuuming (always follow label instructions) is a good first start. Using a bagged vacuum makes it easy to throw out dust and any pests that may be picked up. If using a bagless vacuum, empty it outside so you don’t accidentally reinfest your home.


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When vacuuming the couch, vacuum the cushions in the front of the couch, the underside of the cushions, and all the cracks and crevices of the seat without the cushions. Go above and beyond by vacuuming under and around the couch because eggs and larvae can fall and hide in the carpeting below the couch. Wash all pet bedding and, if they're too big to wash, try vacuuming them as well. If your pets sleep in your bed, wash the sheets and keep them off the bed until the fleas are under control. Vacuum under and around beds, because, just like couches, flea eggs, and larvae can fall there too.

Simply put, anything with fibers on the floor gets vacuumed – carpets, runners, under table mats.

Fleas can be a major problem if not addressed quickly and aggressively. After the vacuuming, you’ll want to be sure to use monthly treatments to prevent this from happening again.

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