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Why Do Wet Dogs Stink?

Ever wondered why wet dogs stink? Well, we’re here to tell you!

There are substances on dogs’ skins like oils, bacteria, organic acids, and tiny microorganisms like yeast that live there in perfect balance - like they are supposed to.  But when mixed with water, all these substances become more volatile and “dissolve” into the water on their wet skin and coat.

As the water dries and evaporates, the “vapor” picks up the now volatile oil, yeast, organic acids, and bacteria that are usually “stuck” close to their skin. As the substances rise into the air, it wafts and creates that not-so-great scent.

So now that you know how it happens, what can you do about that “Wet Dog Stink?”

  1. Dry them thoroughly.

This can help limit the about of vapor coming off your pet. First, towel dry them as completely as you can, and then blow dry – if your pet allows.

  1. Keep them from rolling around while wet.

A wet coat may more easily pick up smells as he rolls.

  1. Bathe your dog every few weeks, and always rinse off all of the shampoo.

If bathed too often, or if shampoo residue is left on their skin, this could lead to skin dryness and other problems.

  1. Wash and clean areas they frequent.

Wash your pet’s bedding regularly and clean their living environment by spritzing it with a mixture of 2 parts water to one part vinegar. Carpets and upholstery can be deodorized by sprinkling baking soda and then vacuuming it up. PetArmor® provides a range of home products to use on bedding, carpets, and upholstery that health keep areas clean and pest free. 

All dog breeds are different. Some dog breeds, like the hounds, have more skin oils than other dogs and will be prone to “stink” more.

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