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Who is PetArmor®?

You’re browsing the pet aisle at your local Walmart or Target. You’re looking for an affordable flea & tick solution for your pet. You see PetArmor®. You ask “Who is PetArmor®? What do they do?”

If this is you, you’ve come to the right place. And clearly, we’ve done something right if you’ve managed to find this page!

To answer your question, simply put, PetArmor® is all about protecting your pet. It’s in the name! We want to help a pet stay happy and healthy while also providing pet parents everywhere with affordable, vet-recommended solutions for caring for their pets. From flea and tick solutions to ear and skin care, PetArmor® is here for you and your pet.

Our Mission: To help YOU be your pet’s armor. Get it?

But what’s the armor for? What do pet parents need to protect their pets from?

Turns out, a lot! To name a few, there are fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ear mites, parasites, and the harmful diseases that they carry like lyme disease, anemia, heartworm; the list goes on. And with so many things that pose a danger to your furry family members, it’s important as a pet parent that you know how to treat these pests and are fully equipped to eliminate them from your pet and/or in and around your home.

That’s where we come in. PetArmor® is here to provide you with the right information and solutions you need to keep your pet happy and healthy all year round. And with vet-recommended products, trusted by over 2 million pet parents, you should feel like your pet is in great hands with PetArmor®.

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Itching For a Flea & Tick Solution?

It’s normal for your pet to have the occasional scratch. But if they are scratching a little too much, your pet may have a flea and tick problem on their paws – and well, everywhere. With a possible flea and tick infestation, time is of the essence. There’s no time to struggle to find a vet. You need a vet-recommended solution without taking time to actually go to the vet.

PetArmor® has got you covered. Fleas and ticks is kind of our bread and butter – gross but true. From topical solutions and collars to shampoos and home sprays, if you’ve got a flea and tick infestation on your hands, we have a line of products that can help you eliminate them fast at every stage of the flea and tick lifecycle. Protect your pet, your home, and your yard all within the PetArmor® line. PetArmor® stops fleas and ticks in their tracks. We bring the fight to them and kill them where they’re hiding, whether that’s on your pet, in your carpet and bedding, or lurking in your outdoor spaces.

So next time you find yourself browsing Amazon or strolling the pet aisles of Walmart or Target, know that PetArmor® is here both for you and your pet, and choose to protect your pet for less.